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Healthy Living: The Changing of the Seasons

As the temperature starts to cool, we start thinking of all the great things that come with the changing of the seasons.  Something that might not pop into your head with these other great things is Cold and Flu season. 

Here are some healthy living “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you stay healthy during this year’s cold and flu season:

Don’t: If you sneeze, do not sneeze into your hands, and if you do, wash and or disinfect them.  I remember as a child my mother telling me to cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze, and I am not telling my little one the same. A healthy living trend as of late actually suggests sneezing into the elbow to help prevent the spread of germs when you touch surfaces that others might touch as well.

Another Common sense factor to staying healthy is avoiding touching surfaces and or sharing things like drinks with someone who may or may not be sick. By watching out for the common signs and onsets of a cold or the flu, you can see where and when to sanitize and disinfect.

Do: WASH YOUR HANDS. This is especially important if you think you have come in contact with any flu or cold bacteria. Washing your hands in Warm water for 10-15 seconds will help prevent the spread of bacteria and increase your chances at staying healthy.

You can always carry around disinfectant hand sanitizer for yourself or your children as a fast alternative to washing your hands, or if the option is not readily available!

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