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Healthy Living: Vacations hinder weight loss goals?

With summer in full swing, vacations are the topic of the day! Have you ever considered that your vacation plans can hinder your weight loss goals? “I deserve to cheat a little” are famous last words.

When planning your summer vacation, keep your fitness and eating habits in mind. If you’re not planning on exercising, remember to keep your portion sizes in moderation. You may also consider the type of vacation that you are going to take. Hiking, camping, water sports, walking, climbing and adventure vacations all give you the opportunity to stay on the move while providing a fun trip for your family.

Remember that you don’t need a gym to maintain your fitness routine for a week or two. Basic exercises like pushups, sit-ups done in sets of 50 (or as many as you can do up to 50) will not only help to maintain your level of cardio, but your resistance training as well.  The current fitness program you are on, and/or your fitness goals will determine the types of exercises you can do. If you are looking to lean your figure, exercises like lunges and squats will get your heart rate up and burn more calories. If you are trying to build muscle, pull-ups and push-ups can be done in many different variations based on the muscle groups you are working out. Get out there and do something physical on your summer vacation!

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