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Healthy Living: Healthier Lifestyle!

With summer right around the corner, a slimmer or more chiseled figure is on everyone’s mind.  Whether you want to lose weight or begin a much healthier lifestyle, it’s as easy as making a choice. You can choose to make excuses for yourself like why you can’t go to the gym or walking during your lunch break. Or you can start taking a few easy steps on the road towards a healthier body.

Step #1: Soft Drinks can make or break you, if you are a soft drink junky like me, try your best to cut your soft drink intake down to one a day. If you can, try to only drink one or two a week at dinner or on special occasions. If you really want to see fast weight loss results, cut them out completely

Step #2:  Drinking water is a great way to keep your body hydrated, even mild dehydration can drain your energy level and make you feel tired and groggy.  Water also makes up 60% of your body weight and almost every system in your body depends on it to function.  How much water you should drink a day depends on your age and current health. Do some research and find out how much water intake is good for you. Drinking lots of water is a definite weight loss tool!

Step #3: Get Out There! And no, I don’t mean take a cruise… Exercise, especially cardio vascular exercise is the most important aspect of any healthy lifestyle/weight loss regiment.  Again, how much exercise you do depends on your age and health, but thirty minutes a day of walking or jogging, playing sports or participating in a yoga class is a great way for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Always consult your physician before beginning a workout regiment and talk to a fitness professional about routines and what is best for you.

Step #4:  Eating right can is another critical factor to a healthy lifestyle. Does this mean you can’t eat the foods you want? Of course not!  Portion control however is important if you are trying to lose weight, as well as the types of foods you eat. A high protein diet is usually the diet of choice, because your body does not store excess protein. Try to cut back on your portion sizes at meals if you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and eat healthy snacks in between, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy products like yogurt will help to boost your metabolism and keep you from feeling so hungry by the time meal time rolls around. You can actually trick yourself into eating less of the big meals! Check out some of the healthy alternative recipes we have on the Brookshire’s web site!

Following these simple healthy living guidelines will put you on the road to looking and feeling better! Make eating right and exercising something you look forward to, change your mind about it and you can make it fun!

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