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Picnic Packing Power

Pack the potato salad and the Frisbees. Fire up  the grill and get ready for the best picnic season ever.

Now that the weather is great, give into the urge to dine alfresco with the family at a neighborhood park or lake. There’s no better way to bring the family together than great food and outdoor fun.
Theme It!
Whether it’s an impromptu romantic afternoon, or a full-fledged family outing, packing items according to a theme is a great way to inspire memories and keep the menu simple. Music and games are great additions to keep everyone busy and entertained.

To Pack Or Not To Pack
A little planning goes a long way to ensure everyone has fun—including the organizer. Start with a checklist and bring only the essentials.  Pack plenty of serving spoons and items to help you clean up after your adventure is over. And don’t forget your camera to capture all the fun.

On The Menu
Picnics are a snap to pull together when you choose ready-to-serve items like Red Diamond Lemonade, Sunnybrook Farms Fruit and Vegetable Trays, Red Diamond Tea and fresh-made brownie trays. Cold foods should be kept under 40˚ F, so always pack items like Food Club Sour Cream and Yogurt deeper into the cooler and cover with ice to maintain a proper safety temperature. A trick to keeping beverages cooler longer is to chill them in the refrigerator before packing them into the cooler. Keep foods from getting soggy by packing ice in large zip-close bags to keep everything fresh and delicious. If possible, don’t put your cooler in the trunk—the heat will reduce its cooling ability during transport.

Good Clean Fun
Pack hand sanitizer and plenty of paper towels to keep hands and surfaces clean. Make sure any frozen meats, poultry and seafood are thawed in the refrigerator before packing into the cooler, and keep them in separate containers to avoid cross-contamination. A food thermometer is a great item to have to ensure foods are cooked to proper temperature.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to picnic packed with fun and great memories.

Bug Spray
Trash Bags Or Plastic Grocery Bags
Blankets And/Or Pillows
Plasticware, Plates, Cups, Napkins
Food Thermometer
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Try these easy-to-carry items in your picnic!

1. Red Diamond Lemonade
2. Food Club Sour Cream
3. Sunnybrook Farms Fruit Tray
4. Fudge Brownie Tray
5. Food Club Ice
6. Food Club Yogurt
7. Red Diamond Tea
8. Sunnybrook Farms Vegetable Tray

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