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Dine In: Christmas Ham

What could be more traditional….or delicious? A fragrant, delicious ham is what Christmas Dinner is all about! If you’re an experienced cook, you probably have your favorite way of fixing a ham, but if you’re new to all this, a ham can feel a bit intimidating!

Just about all hams are fully cooked, meaning that all you are doing is re-heating. That makes it easy and takes the fear out of the project, because you have no worries about undercooked meat and food poisoning!

If your ham is a spiral-cut beauty, it will come with instructions. Generally they’ll tell you to put the ham in a pan and bake it for 15 minutes per pound—that’ll mean about an hour to 90 minutes. They often come with a glaze packet, which you may choose to skip. It will add a sweet tang to the meat, but I kind of like it better plain! With a spiral-cut ham, you’ll cut around the center bone and then the pieces fall away on their own. Pretty nice!

If you ham is uncut, the procedure is still pretty much the same. Put the ham in a pan, add a half-cup of water, and cover with foil. Bake 20 minutes per pound. Brush on a glaze in the last 20 minutes of cooking, if you wish. A glaze can be as simple as a drizzle of honey, or some apple jelly. Serve by cutting long slices around the bone.

See? Easy peasy, but the perfect Christmas (or New Year’s) dinner. Enjoy!

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