Baby Club Eligible Products

100 bonus yourpoints when you purchase $50 or more of these baby products in a single transaction

• Baby Care (All)
o Diapers
o Trainers
o Wipes

• Baby Health & Beauty Care (All)
o Baby washes 
o Baby shampoos
o Baby lotions
o Baby powder
o Baby oil
o Diaper rash cream
o Earache remedies
o Teething remedies
o Gas relief

• Baby Food (All)
o Jars 
o Pouches 
o Snacks 
o Entrees 
o Melts


• Baby Accessories (All)
o Bottles
o Nipples
o Pacifiers
o Sippy cups
o Teethers
o Plates/bowels
o Spoons/forks
o Toothpaste & toothbrushes

• Baby Water (All)
o Nursery water

• Baby Cough & Cold (All)
o Infant pain and fever reducers
o Infant ibuprofen
o Saline spray and drops
o Cough syrup

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