Making Life Better
BGC is focused on making our world a better place to live, work and raise our families. This includes our communities, our workplace, and our environment.  Our environmental efforts include energy conservation,  recycling,  refrigerant leakage reduction and encouraging our customers and employees to live greener.

Energy Savings
To save energy, we use energy controls and monitoring,  high efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting, efficient HVAC and refrigeration system designs, thermally resistant roof and wall systems, and commissioning & recommissioning  of our energy use systems.  When compared to year 2000, BGC is saving 20% of our corporate energy use -  enough energy to power a town the size of Mineola, TX .

BGC recycles operationally derived cardboard and paper, as well as, post consumer plastic. In addition, we recycle our used motor oil, tires, auto batteries and scrap metals.  Through collection containers placed at the front of our stores, we encourage our customers to recycle plastic grocery bags, plastic PET bottles and HDPE jugs. In 2012 BGC recycled over 50% of all our waste totaling more than 46 million pounds.

Food Donations
BGC has partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity Last year we donated more than 500,000 pounds of food to help fight hunger.

Refrigerant Usage
BGC actively monitors our refrigerants for leakage and repair. Our current refrigerant leakage rate is half what it was just a few years ago.  Our refrigerant leakage rate goal for 2013 is 11.8%.  

Products & Packaging
Although we encourage recycling of plastic grocery bags, we also encourage the use of reusable grocery bags with 5¢ off for every reusable bag used at checkout, during a single transaction. 

Transportation & Distribution
BGC is a recognized partner of the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Program for our commitment to promote energy efficiency and air quality within the freight transport sector.  We incorporate new technologies and strategies in our fleet to reduce fuel consumption and pollution such as trailer skirts, single-wide tires, no idling policy and diesel exhaust fluid – a new technology used to achieve almost zero emissions.

With these changes we have improved our fleet fuel efficiency by 4.6%.

And in our warehouses we use battery operated and liquefied petroleum gas powered equipment which reduce our emissions.


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