Not Getting Your Email from Brookshire’s?

To ensure emails from Brookshire’s don’t get blocked by SPAM filters, please follow these instructions:

Outlook 2003
Add the Brookshire’s from address Brookshires@ to your Safe Senders list.

  1. On the “Tools” menu, click “Options”.
  2. On the “Preferences” tab, click “Junk E-mail”.
  3. On the “Safe Senders” tab, click Add.
  4. Click “Add…”, put in
  5. Click “OK”.

Outlook 2007

  1. On the “Tools” menu, click “Options”.
  2. On the “Preferences” tab, click “Junk E-mail”.
  3. On the “Safe Senders” tab, click Add.
  4. Click “Add…”, put in
  5. Click “OK”.

Office 2013

  1. Click the “Junk” button from the ‘Delete’ area of the Office main page.
  2. Click “Junk E-mail Options…”
  3. Click the “Safe Senders” tab
  4. Click “Add…”, put in
  5. Click “OK”.
  6. Click “Apply”.

Add the Brookshire’s from address to your AOL address book.

  1. Click “Contacts” in the left navigation.
  2. Click on “New”, choose “New Contact”.
  3. Paste into the “Primary E-mail” field.
  4. Make The Brookshire’s from address is the “Primary E-mail” address by checking the associated check box.
  5. Click the “Save” button in the upper left navigation.

If our email is in your “AOL SPAM Folder”, please open the email and click the “This Is Not SPAM” button. Next, add into your address book as described above.

To add the From Address to your Yahoo Contacts:

  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox.
  2. Click the address book icon under the Yahoo! Mail logo. When you roll your mouse over it, it will say Contacts.
  3. Click “New Contact”.
  4. Copy and paste into the email field.
  5. Click Save.


If our email is getting stuck in your “Yahoo! Bulk Folder”, please open the email and click the “Not SPAM” button. Next, check to see if the e-mail’s address is in your “Blocked Addresses” list. If you see on this list, select and click the Remove Block button. Lastly, set up a filter as outlined above.

Add the Brookshire’s from address to your “Hotmail Safe List”.

  1. Open your mailbox and click “Options” (upper right hand corner).
  2. Click “More mail settings in the dropdown.
  3. Select the “Safe and blocked senders” link.
  4. Click “Safe Senders”
  5. Copy and paste into the dialog box titled “Sender or domain to mark as safe”.
  6. Click the “Add to list” button on the right.


Add the Brookshire’s from address to your “Gmail Contacts List”.

  1. Select contacts from the options on the left side of the Gmail Inbox.
  2. Select Create Contact on the top menu.
  3. Enter the email address in the primary email box.
  4. Select Save.

Check if our email is in the SPAM folder.

  1. Click SPAM along the left side of any Gmail page.
  2. Check mark the box next to our email.
  3. Click Not SPAM button along the top.

Mozilla Thunderbird
Add the Brookshire’s from address to your Thunderbird Address Book and configure your Junk Mail Controls to white list your address book.

  1. Click the “Address Book” button.
  2. Make sure the “Personal Address” Book is highlighted.
  3. Click the “New Card” button. This will launch a “New Card” window that has 3 tabs: “Contact”, “Address” & “Other”.
  4. Under the “Contact” tab, copy and paste our “From” address into the e-mail dialog box.
  5. Click “OK”.

Whitelist your Personal Address Book:

  1. From the main drop down menu, select “Tools< Junk Mail Controls…”
  2. This will launch the Junk Mail Controls window that has two tabs: “Settings” and “Adaptive Filter”
  3. Under the “Settings” tab, update the “Whitelists” module by selecting “Personal Address Book” from the pull down menu and then check mark the box next to “Do not mark messages as junk mail”.
  4. Click “OK”.

Please check your Junk folder to see if our email has been placed there. To prevent this from happening in the future, mark our email as not junk. Do this by right-clicking on our email and choose “Mark < As Not Junk”.

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