Transportation & Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Our Transportation and Logistics groups are constantly working to improve our efficiencies in how we deliver products to our retail store locations, and also reducing the amount of fuel consumption by our company fleet.

We are experimenting with super-single tires in order to conserve fuel. These are individual, wide tires that take the place of two, and have less rolling resistance than the two tires it replaces. They also reduce the weight of the truck and trailer. We have installed automatic tire inflation systems on our trailers to keep tires properly inflated and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Our company has reduced the maximum speed of our trucks, which increases miles per gallon on our heavy fleet vehicles.
  • We are experimenting with aerodynamic fins being added to our trailers, which have shown to reduce trailer drag and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Our transportation group has installed special switches on our refrigerated trailers that keep them from running when the door is open, which saves a significant amount of fuel.
  • Brookshire Grocery Co. continues to reduce truck delivery frequency where possible to reduce total miles traveled.
  • We have started a method of loading trailers called pin-wheeling, which enables more products to be placed on a trailer, and therefore reduces the number of trucks that have to be used to deliver the same amount of groceries.
  • In 2008, Brookshire Grocery Company became a partner of the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Program. By joining this volunteer program, BGC agrees to set and strive to achieve environmental and fuel efficiency goals within three years. SmartWay will help to achieve these goals by providing information on new technologies and useful strategies to reduce fuel consumption and pollution. This partnership is a reflection of Brookshire’s commitment to improving the environmental performance of their fleet operations.
  • In 2009, Brookshire Grocery Company purchased its initial order of the Toyota Prius, adding the first hybrids to our light fleet.  Because of their tremendous fuel efficiency rating (48 mpg Hwy/45 mpg City), these company cars will be assigned to our high mileage drivers to replace existing company vehicles, greatly reducing fuel consumption. BGC will continue replacing its light fleet with hybrid vehicles as part of its overall commitment to improve in our usage of natural resources. The Prius comprise the majority of our company car fleet as of mid 2011.
  • We are continuing to research and study new methods of delivery in order to improve our process of delivering products to our retail store locations.
  • Our truck fleet is dispatched via a computerized system that maximizes the amount of product transported on each trailer, combines and routes store orders to travel the fewest possible miles.
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