Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Brookshire Grocery Co. has been introducing the latest technologies in lighting into our retail stores, distribution and corporate facilities. Many of our standard store lights have been replaced with fluorescent lighting, which produces more light using less energy.

In addition, many of our facilities have been equipped with auto shut-off lighting to prevent unnecessary usage and save wattage. Our new store designs are being outfitted with sky lighting to bring in more natural light and reduce energy as well.

Our retail and manufacturing facilities are also using some of the latest cooling technology to reduce refrigerant charges, reduce CO2 leakage and also are much more efficient than standard cooling systems.

Through these and many other efforts of our Facility Services group, our company has seen a reduction in real energy use of 16% since 2000! That is enough energy to power the towns of Mineola and Chandler, Texas! In all, our company has invested over $100 million in new energy technologies during this same period.

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