Our Service

Our Service

Since 1928, Brookshire Grocery Co. has operated on the philosophy of “people first, profits will follow.” That motto still stands today, reflected by the quality customer service provided in our stores and the community service we provide throughout the areas in which we operate. We strive to continue that tradition by helping the community flourish with more than just groceries.

We are committed to community involvement in our more than 150 stores, located in more than 100 towns. Sometimes the community needs a helping hand, and our employees are dedicated to the betterment of their communities. We live here, too, and know the importance of strong local support.

Brookshire’s strives to promote opportunities that benefit healthy, well-balanced children, community safety and environmental sustainability.

Would you like us to partner with an organization in your community? Here’s how to find out more:

Learn whether your group is eligible for assistance by reading our Eligible Organization Guidelines. 

Interested in having Brookshire’s employees volunteer in your community? Read about our employee volunteer program: Community Connections Assistance

If you would like to request a charitable donation, please submit a request.

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