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Tyler, Giada, Paula…Can I Please Have Your Autograph!!!???

We’re still on cloud nine after today. Can I first say what a gentleman James Gandolfini is? We were pleasantly surprised to find him to be the one opening the hotel door for us as we walked in. I did a slight double take and tried to remain cool, calm and collected, but oh my gosh, James Gandolfini opened the door for us!!

However, I couldn’t keep very calm amidst the FLURRY of camera flashes and  excitement at the wine and food festival today in Chelsea. It was the big day to meet + get signings from a lot of the celebrity chefs!!!

First up were Tyler Florence and Giada De Laurentiis. I think Tyler was a last minute addition, but a welcome addition at that! He was adorable, but nothing quite like Giada, with the absolute biggest smile I’ve ever seen. She was so gracious and as excited to see us as we were to see her. Yes guys, she’s as beautiful and personable in real life as in her show!

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe the thrill of the next line-up….. Paula Deen and her sons Bobby and Jamie. All three were good looking and so sweet. Paula got the crowd going as she walked by and said “hey ya’ll”…yes, her hair is as big as Texas. Gotta love it!

I was loaded down with Celebrity Cooking magazines and Brookshire’s reusable bags, only to get there to a strict policy of NO signing anything but their cookbooks and no advertising of any outside material. Man, was I disappointed. But a few Barnes + Noble workers were excited to see my green reusable bag and eager to have one of their own. So after all, I did spread a little Brookshire’s love around New York. Yay!

Well ya’ll, it’s been a long day, so I’m signing off for now. We’re heading back to the great state that is Texas tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be paying a hefty hefty hefty fine for overweight baggage with all of my cookbooks I’m bringing back. Until tomorrow!

Up Close and Personal With Martha!!!

What an amazing day in the Big Apple!!! We had a brief celebrity sighting at brunch this morning of Harvey Keitel, but nothing compares to the sighting I have right now…..we’re in the 3rd row from Martha Stewart’s kitchen stage!!! We are so close, we could almost reach out and touch her!

She’s cooking out of her brand new cookbook (sadly it isn’t available until next week) called Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home, which features 52 full menus for 52 full dinners, covering all courses and offering a fairly healthy selection. This cookbook sounds like it will make your families happy and your friends ecstatic. I can’t wait to pick up a copy!

Okay, on the menu tonight is…..are you ready… breast with carmelized onions and fig jam, braised red cabbage, grated potato cake (like a pancake) and a most scrumptious and heavenly hot fudge hazelnut (aka filbert) sundae. Oohhh, I bet Goldenbrook Farms Ice Cream would make this sundae taste even better! Martha says this would be her last meal.

Oh, and she says iron skillets are a must in the kitchen. And she craves daiquiris…who knew?? She’s got a really funny personality.

I wonder if Martha would want to come cook for me every week….yeah, I know, I’ll keep dreaming!

You wouldn’t believe how wonderful this room smells!

Big City, Big Lights.

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go….okay okay, so we’re not Peter, Paul & Mary, but we really are (almost) packed and ready and our excitement is at an all-time high! Not only are we going to New York City, but we’re going to The New York City Wine + Food Festival and are going to be face to face (oh yes, we will be that close!) with Martha Stewart during one of her cooking shows!

Yes indeed, our very first festival event to attend is the Martha Stewart Cooking School, complete with culinary demonstrations and discussions. We’re also pretty excited about a possible sighting of the legendary Bob Dylan during the Bob Dylan Wine Pairing event on Saturday night! Talk about an evening of evoking a mood and taking hold of the senses!

Although tickets were sold-out for events with Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis and a few others, we do plan on stalking them at the Norwegian Cruise Line Welcome Center to get up close and personal with them and many other Food Network chefs and culinary personalities who will be on hand to, oh yes, personally sign our copies of the latest Brookshire’s Celebrate Cooking! I better dust off my trusty old cookbooks that I use often too; no really, I do use them. 

City of big lights, get ready for us! We’re ready for you!

Great Food, Wine and Plenty of Celebrity Chefs, Oh My!

Some say lucky in love…I agree…love of all things food and the wonderful experiences surrounding cooking and tasting. I’m also lucky to be heading to The New York City Wine + Food Festival! However, this isn’t a feat I can do alone, so I’m dragging a buddy with me. We are heading north in search of some of the best amuse-bouche (for those of you that don’t watch Top Chef, it’s a single wonderful bite intended to stir the taste buds and whet the appetite), sips and signatures (yes celebrity John Hancock’s, I’m in hot pursuit of Martha Stewart’s). 

We will take a bite out of the Big Apple for some tasty fun, news and happenings from the only festival in New York City to bring together legendary culinary icons from around the globe and America’s most beloved television chefs. The 2nd annual New York City Wine + Food Festival is happening this very weekend and will feature celebrity chef cooking demonstrations; wine tastings; interviews; and other epicurean delights. And we get to go!!

We’re packing our handy Brookshire’s reusable shopping bags and heading to the trendy Meatpacking District and other well-known landmark settings for the festival. I hope Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Mario Batali, Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, Anthony Bourdain among many others, are ready for us!
Yes, even on vacation I think about food… after all, I am in the grocery business. Follow us on our foodventure!

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