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Product Talk: Sushi


One of my favorite indulgences in the entire universe is sushi. I love it. I crave it. I can’t get enough.

Let’s face it: restaurant sushi is an expensive habit. It’s delicious, but you’re largely paying for ginger rose garnishes.

Imagine my delight when Brookshire’s stores started serving in-house sushi, prepared right before your eyes and with the same quality sushi and sashimi grade ingredients used in the fancy restaurants with dragons made out of cucumbers.

There might not be any mythical vegetables, but Brookshire’s sushi is a delicious, fresh and affordable treat.

I’m partial to the spicy shrimp roll with fresh shrimp, sticky rice, nori and a special sauce, but I also love getting the rainbow roll, expertly festooned with slivers of avocado, tuna and yellowtail. I introduced my boys to nigiri, a fresh piece of fish atop a wedge of sticky rice. Dipped in a little bit of soy sauce mixed with wasabi (provided in the container with pickled slivers of ginger), this makes a splendid meal or appetizer.

They also make a mean California roll with avocado, cucumber and cream cheese. When I can’t decide, I get a combination platter, sometimes with crab, tuna AND California rolls. The sushi counter also has other treats like octopus, which I’m working up the nerve to try.

Product Talk: Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakeSeptember is the biggest month in the South for weddings, and several of my friends have recently become engaged.

Sarah’s fiance, a widower with four children, proposed by giving her a huge picture frame. In the frame was a picture of him and his children holding up a sign that said, “Will you marry us?” She cried. I cried when she told me about it; it was beautiful and perfect for their new family.

That was back in April, and Sarah has been planning a small, September wedding ever since. It has a country chic theme, and she’s decorating with lanterns, burlap, white cotton lace, wildflowers and fairy lights. What she couldn’t figure out, though, was what kind of a cake she wanted to go with her fairly casual theme.

So, she sat down with a cake specialist in Brookshire’s bakery. I was so excited she was able to order her cake from our local bakery. The cake designer was so nice! She sat with Sarah for over an hour looking at pictures Sarah had brought from magazines and showing her examples of cakes she’d made previously. Most importantly, Sarah got to sample the different flavors of cakes and fillings. They decided on a two-tier, round pound cake with raspberry filling in one layer and lemon chiffon in the other. It will have an ivory buttercream frosting, and they chose some wildflowers from the Brookshire’s floral department to put on top. Simple. Easy. Perfect.

Product Talk: Checkers/Rally’s Famous Fries

I was walking through the freezer section at Brookshire’s not long ago, and I saw something out of the corner of my eye that stopped me dead in my tracks: Checkers/Rally’s Famous Fries in a bag in the freezer case.

I was instantly transported back to the early ’90s in Lynchburg, Virginia, where I went to college. There was a Rally’s fast food joint about two miles from campus. Sometimes on Sunday evenings, my best friend Amanda and I would walk to Rally’s and back for dinner. I guess we rationalized the walk negated the calories. Rally’s fries were the BEST. Seasoned, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, they were well-worth the four-mile round trip. I remember the hamburgers being really salty, but the fries were sublime.

Rally’s has long since closed, but knowing I can get the fries at Brookshire’s and bake them in my own oven without a four-mile walk, brings a priceless memory back to life!

Shop the Sale: Oscar mayer Bologna

“Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!!!”

Any of us who are “of a certain age” can certainly sing the Oscar Mayer jingle, but when it comes down to actually using the popular meat product from our childhood, it’s a different story.

What do you do with bologna?

I had it on white bread, with American cheese, mustard and lettuce in my Holly Hobbie lunch box on Mondays.

How did YOU eat bologna as a child?

Recipes today are much more sophisticated. You can pickle bologna. You can use it in a ham loaf. You can barbecue it or use it in a spread, salad or soup. Bologna, the other-other white meat, can be substituted for bacon, or even used in…get ready for it…cake.

But today, we’re using bologna like a breakfast meat in an omelet-type muffin.

And since Oscar Mayer Bologna or Salami is on sale this week at Brookshire’s, it’s double the value for these tasty treats.

Oscar Mayer Bologna Omelet Cups

8 slices Oscar Mayer Bologna
3 eggs
2 Tbsp milk or soy milk
2 Tbsp onion, finely chopped
3 oz American cheese, chopped


Heat 6 slices of bologna in an ungreased skillet until the center puffs.

Place each heated bologna in a lightly greased muffin tin. Chop the remaining 2 slices of bologna into small pieces.

In a small bowl, beat eggs with the milk. Stir in the chopped bologna and onion. Pour egg mixture into the bologna cups. Bake, uncovered, in a 350º F oven for 15 to 20 minutes until eggs are set.

Sprinkle on cheese. Bake until cheese is melted.

Serves 2

Meet the Cheese Maker: Alessandro Cubeddu

 Presenting the cheese of the month along with recipes.

Cheese making is more than a science; it is an art form requiring the experience, education and passion of a skilled craftsman.

Alessandro Cubeddu’s journey began in the lush hills of Sardinia, Italy where his family has been making handcrafted Pecorino Romano cheese using time honored methods for over 30 years. 

Product Talk: Brookshire’s Best Honey Crisp Apple Pie!

We are very excited about the launch of our new Brookshire’s Best Honey Crisp Apple Pie!  This is a brand new pie for us this year and is ever so good!  The Honey Crisp apple harkens from an apple breeding program at the University of Minnesota according to the web site:  The site notes that the “Honeycrisp was produced from a 1960 cross of Macoun and Honeygold,” which resulted in a “hardy cultivar with high fruit quality.”  This particular apple has a limited harvest season, which runs from about mid-September to mid-October in the “east central Minnesota area.”  What make these apples so enjoyable are their basic tenants, that being exceptionally crisp and juicy. 

For the holiday season, we will be offering this newly developed pie just in time for Thanksgiving.  It has a high percent of apples and just a little bit of slurry that combines for an absolutely sensational pie.  Please let us know what you think of our ‘best’ pie at

Inside the Store: Box Top$ for Education

We have several promotions going on in our stores for the month of September.

We are very excited about supporting our local schools. One of the best programs that I have been involved in over the past few years is the “Box Top$ for Education”. This promotion is ending on September 28th.

Be sure and look for special marked items in our store and in our ads. The certificate for bonus box tops will print at the register.

We still have our “Thanks a Million” collect and win game going strong. Be sure and collect your game tickets every time you shop. Be sure and look for the special marked bonus items across the store to earn bonus tickets. Increase your chances of winning one of the Million dollar prizes…

Win tickets to a Dallas Cowboy game…Purchase two McCormick items (selected varieties) with your Thank You card and be entered to win four tickets to the October 1st Dallas Cowboys vs. Jaguars game!

Inside the Store: Back to School

Where did our summer go? Getting to sleep in late every day?  What happened to enjoying a relaxing day at the lake or beside the pool with friends and family? Summer went by so fast.

Now everyone is back to school. Getting up early and rushing around to get the day started.  Remember to watch for those school zones. Please slow down to protect our children.

This year we have something new for “Back to School” that will make your day easier. We will be offering a variety of Deli School lunch boxes. These lunch boxes also tie with our NuVal scoring system.

We wanted to make sure that we are offering the convenience of having a premade lunch program that will be nutritious for kids of all ages. We will be offering three styles this year.

Peanut butter and jelly lunch box, Turkey lunch box and Ham Lunch box.

I can remember the days of waking up and realizing that we had not fixed our kids lunches. We are all running late due to trying to get those few extra minutes of sleep. Now you can just swing by any Brookshire store and pick up a lunch ready to go. You can count on this lunch box to be fresh and nutritional for your kids too.  By doing this is just another way we are trying to make your day better. 

Inside the Store : Thanks A Million Game

We are very excited about our new Thanks a Million Game. We want to invite everyone to play our collect and win game. We have two ways to win. You can play the game by collecting games tickets and by playing our online game.

Earn additional “bonus” game tickets when you purchase participating products throughout the store. Look for items specially marked with the “bonus” shelf tag. We have been encouraging customers and partners to look for the Bonus tags when shopping to increase their chances to win.

How to play the Thanks a Million online game;

Inside most game tickets is a special marker with a unique 9 digit alpha numeric code. Log on to and select the Thanks a Million online game logo.

Register with your Thank You Card and type in your 9 digit code to see if you are a potential winner.

We really want to have the Million dollar winner from our store. I can still remember the excitement from the customer and partners from the last game we played. Partners were just excited as the customers that were winning. We look forward to having many winners from our store and being able to reward some of the instant winners as well as the big winners.

Inside the Store: Thank You Card

The New Thank You Card re-launch campaign has started and we are excited to be able to bring you several tasting events from around the world to help introduce your new benefits.

We invite you to stop by any Brookshire store to experience the shopping experience and learn more about how the Thank You card will help you in many ways. We will have partners trained to assist you in answering any questions. 

We invite everyone to sign up for our email service to receive even more benefits from their Thank You card. Here are a few of the benefits, be sure and invite your friends to join also

  •   Electronically load online offer and coupons at
  •   Weekly ad prices sent only to customers with email.
  •   Select newsletters that fit your needs and receive email rewards
  •   All email participants will be entered into monthly email sweepstakes.

 We also will have in-store rewards;

  •   No punch cards and no receipts to keep.
  •   Deli café lunch program and other programs coming soon… 

Remember while the card looks different, the card number will be the same. Your previous purchasing history is saved so there is no need to register. Bigger benefits and greater rewards. The more you shop, the more you save with our new exclusive rewards program. 

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