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Product Talk: Udi’s Gluten Free Lemon Streusel Muffins

Many people eat a gluten-free diet these days.

What’s gluten-free? It’s avoiding anything with gluten, a protein found in foods processed from wheat and related grains. That means bread, pasta, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, rolls, etc. Some people do it for health reasons because their bodies cannot process gluten. Other people say avoiding gluten just makes them feel better.

However, it’s not always easy to avoid your favorite gluten-laden treats. That’s why Udi’s Gluten Free is committed to providing delicious products that won’t wreak havoc on your stomach, including these muffins that caught my eye in the frozen foods section of your local Brookshire’s.

“Moist and delicious, our Lemon Streusel Muffins will definitely add lift to your morning routine. Indulge in the soft, harmonious balance of light citrus flavor and sweetness. Best served warm from the oven or microwave,” according to Udi’s Gluten Free .

I don’t eat gluten-free, but these muffins are delicious if you’re being health-conscious or just want a tasty treat.

 A package of four muffins costs $6.

Product Talk: Baked Goodies for Special Diets

The problem with many bakery products produced for those on special diets – whether sugar-free or gluten-free – is that it’s often all too easy to taste what’s missing. The sugar, for one. Or the wheat flour that gives cakes and muffins their moist, delicate texture.

That’s why I’m so proud of the Tasty Bakery line of specialty loaf cakes, muffins and cakes that we introduced recently. Having tried them all, I can say these are so good, you’d be happy eating them even if you don’t have dietary concerns.

But for the growing number of people who have food sensitivities, allergies, or a need to cut down on their sugar intake, these goodies are an especially great find.

Take the no-sugar-added cookies, cakes and muffins. Fruit nectar, not artificial sweeteners, creates the sweet taste of goodies like blueberry muffins, apple loaf cake and oatmeal raisin cookie. Fruit nectar doesn’t deliver the “aftertaste” or off-taste you may have experienced eating some other no-sugar-added goods. And they are still lower in fat, calories and carbs than traditional recipes.

The sugar-free baked goods, like the loaf cake, are sweetened with lacticol, an ingredient made from milk sugar lactose. Lactitol does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels, so it’s considered a good sweetening alternative for diabetics. In addition, you may find lactitol easier to digest than other sugar-free sweeteners, which in some people cause stomach discomfort.

And the gluten-free items – like chocolate chip cookies, wild blueberry muffins and peanut butter cookies – are made without wheat or other gluten-containing ingredients, like malt flavoring or modified food starch with a wheat source. They are baked in a dedicated facility, so there’s no contamination by these allergens. However, again, if you didn’t know they didn’t contain wheat, you might not guess.

The Tasty Bakery line is also certified kosher. The last piece of good news? They come packaged in cute little gift boxes that make them a great take-along hostess gift or party offering. Or, of course, just a little present to yourself and your family.

Healthy Living: Gluten-free Christmas Treats

Christmas time is filled with all different kinds of treats and once Thanksgiving is over the Christmas parties start rolling in. Christmas parties can be hard because the food normally is all sweets, desserts, and gluten! This Christmas, if you’re going to a Christmas party ask your host/hostess if you can bring one of your favorite gluten-free treats. You can get a gluten-free brownie mix or make peanut butter cookies without flour. Whatever your favorite gluten-free treat is, take it to your Christmas party so you have something to snack on.


Healthy Living: Canned and Frozen Vegetables in Sauce

One tricky part of eating a gluten-free diet is that one type of food can be safe in one form but dangerous in another form. An example of this is, fresh vegetables are fine, canned plain vegetables are fine, even frozen plain vegetables are fine but,  if that frozen or canned vegetable is in a sauce then you may be in trouble. Be careful when you are picking out your vegetables; make sure they are sauce-free. 

Healthy Living: Coffee

Some things may come as a surprise to you when it comes to a product with gluten. Instant coffee can actually contain gluten. So if you are a coffee lover, stick to brewing the coffee yourself.


Product Talk: Rudi’s Gluten Free bread

Have you tried our new Gluten-Free breads?  We recently launched a new line of Rudi’s Gluten-Free breads in our bakeries, which we believe rival or surpass any others on the market!  You no doubt recognize the name – Rudi’s – from Organic fame.  They opted to get into the Gluten-Free business and from what we’ve seen in the market place, their Gluten- Free line is second to none! 

Speaking of Gluten-Free, we now offer a Gluten-Free Cheesecake in a single serve format.  It is found in our bakery freezer case and is made by the folks at Chuckanut Bay in Washington State. 

Since we’re talking about interesting offerings such as gluten-free, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the excellent Organic breads that we carry from Rudi’s.  This is one of the best brands in the Organic marketplace and we carry eight (8) different varieties of breads as well as Rudi’s Organic Hamburger buns.  Interestingly enough, Organic products have held their own despite the difficult economic environment.  Baking Management Magazine (April 1, 2010) notes that, “Surprisingly, organic products continue to be a draw for consumers, despite the lingering effects of the recession. Sales of organic and all-natural products are expected to grow 20 percent during the next two years, according to market research firm Mintel.” 

We encourage you to try our Organic and Gluten-Free offerings that are found in our bakeries.  Please let us know what you think of them by emailing:

Healthy Living: Making a Gluten-Free Diet Enjoyable

If your child is on a gluten-free diet, it is important that they still have a normal yet healthy childhood. You can do this by making a gluten-free diet easy and enjoyable. Remember that your child is watching you; therefore, make sure that when you are around your child that you speak positively about the diet.

It is important to make gluten-free food fun, enjoyable and delicious so your child does not get discouraged.  Also, let your child journal on what foods they do and do not like on their diet, so you can pick the food they like to make eating a more enjoyable experience. 

Healthy Living: Bouillon cubes

Bouillon cubes are sneaky sources of gluten. Read labels carefully because some brands are gluten-free.

Healthy Living: Blue cheese contains gluten

Blue cheese is a surprising source of gluten. Most cheese is gluten free, but if it has the blue veins, it probably contains gluten.

Healthy Living: Deli Meats

Deli meats can be a hidden source of gluten. At Brookshire’s and Super-1 Foods stores, look for the Boar’s Head brand of deli products. All meats and cheeses from Boar’s Head are guaranteed gluten free.

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