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Shop the Sale: Hormel Pork Baby Back Ribs

As a father and a grandfather, I’m looking forward to Father’s Day coming up this Sunday.  My family makes sure I get lots of extra attention on my special day.  Typically our family enjoys a big Father’s Day dinner at home after church on Sunday afternoon. 

The menu is carefully chosen with my tastes in mind and everyone else is eager to make my meal special.  But when it comes to cooking the meat, the job of grilling outdoors is still Dad’s job no matter what day it is.  

So, for Father’s Day this year I’m glad to see Brookshire’s is featuring Hormel pork baby back ribs on the front page of the ad.  I love baby back ribs!!!  Unfortunately for years I settled on paying sky-high “restaurant prices” when I wanted to enjoy ribs because I was afraid to try my own hand at grilling them at home.  But all that has changed now that I found a great recipe our family really likes.  

Why not try cooking your own baby back ribs this year?  If you need a recipe, there are several to choose from on the website.  And this week’s ad special on ribs will make your Father’s Day even more special.

Healthy Living: Fresh Produce

When on a gluten-free diet, you know that the simpler the food the better. When you pick up a process food, there are so many different ingredients it makes your head spin, you start to wonder does this mean it has gluten in it, then you start feeling defeated, and think I just can not do this gluten-free diet. Well guess what? I have a quick fix for you. Go to the fresh produce section! 

Look around do you see any label; anything that has stabilizers or modified starches? No! Fresh produce is where you should start spending most of your time in the store. In fresh produce you will not have to look at each product to see the ingredients. When you discover that, in fact, you do have a lot to choose from on a gluten-free diet then you will feel like you can succeed. 

Healthy Living: Eating Healthier!

“I’m going to start eating healthier…”  How many times have you said that?  I know I have many, many times and usually that means a day or two of cutting back on soft drinks and eating “healthy” snack bars between meals.  Today as I was eating my favorite “health” bar I decided to look at the nutritional information.  As I read the numbers I stopped eating.  While more nutritious than the well known candy bars on the market, I don’t know that I would classify most “health” bars on the market as healthy.  There is a healthier choice…..FRESH FRUIT! 

This is a great time of the year to make a commitment to eating more fruit.  This season’s domestic fruit harvest has begun to hit our stores including many choices from local growers – peaches, nectarines, cantaloupes, watermelons and my personal favorite – blueberries.  We are fortunate that some of the best blueberries available are grown right here in our area.  Blueberries are sweet, refreshing and VERY nutritious.  One cup of blueberries has only 84 calories and is packed with age fighting antioxidants.  So the next time you have a craving for a snack, reach for a handful of blueberries!  Your body will thank you!

Product Talk: Top Care

Have you had trouble getting your favorite over the counter meds lately?  McNeil, a division of Johnson and Johnson has had some production issues and has recently voluntarily closed down their Plant in Pennsylvania.  

Products such as Children’s Tylenol, Children’s Motrin, Children’s Benadryl, Adult Tylenol Cold, Adult Sinus, St. Josephs Aspirin Etc. will be virtually unavailable until sometime in 2011. 

My advice to those that are looking for these products is to consider our Top Care label which actually has the same active ingredients that are found in the national brand at a substantial savings.  If you have any questions feel free to consult one of our Pharmacists for expert advice. 

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Dine In: Creating Memorable Moments

One of my favorite memories from childhood is remembering my Mother’s weekly shopping trip to our Brookshire’s store in Greenville.  As part of our weekly ritual my three brothers along with my sister and I would all help in putting away the items that she purchased.  After we put away the weeks supply then we would all start to prepare the evening meal together as a family. Mother would make the patties and fry them in a cast iron skillet while my sister and I would cut up the lettuce and tomatoes and put out all the other fixings for our old fashioned burgers. She would always brown the buns in the skillet after all the burgers were cooked. I am not quite sure what my three brothers were doing but I am certain that they were helping somehow.

In today’s world we are all trying to live more healthy lifestyles, so a new twist on this same type of family dining tradition would be to gather your family around the kitchen on a Friday evening to assemble homemade shish k-bobs and grill them as a family.  We are all looking for ways to eat healthier, have more family time, cook together more and eat out less.  So whether you are pressed for time or just looking for a fun way to kick off a memorable weekend, preparing and assembling meals together is a great activity.  While school is out for the summer it may be more important than ever for kids to learn to eat a nutritious diet while having fun. It is also a perfect time of year to visit the produce department where all sorts of bountiful fruits and vegetables are at their freshest right now.  Assemble K-bobs with a variety of fruits, veggies and proteins allowing each child t o create their own individual skewer. They will be more eager to taste the foods they helped make. Family meals are the perfect opportunity for parents to expose children to different foods and expand their tastes. A red pepper cut in small portions and pushed onto a stick may not as intimating as it would be served in larger portions.

I sincerely hope that you and your family can create some treasured memories that mean as much to them as mine do to me. Have a great summer.

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Family Matters: Milk Is Not Always a Treat for Your Cat

You always see cats on television enjoying a nice bowl of milk, you think milk is good for me; it must be good for cats too. Well you thought wrong; cats can actually be lactose intolerant. If you or a family member suffers from lactose intolerance you know how just a little bit of lactose can make you feel awful. Well that is what a cat is experiencing.  The enzyme lactase, which helps digest lactose, is in rare presents in your cat’s digestive system.  So next time you see fluffy drinking milk on television remember just to stick with cat food for your cat. 

(Source: ASPCA)

Mango Salsa

The fragrant fruit is tangy, juicy and super sweet; they just taste like summer. And they’re versatile. Use them in salsas and sauces, in pastries, atop chicken or fish, even to spike your iced tea. In honor of peak mango season during national Mango Month – June – let this be the year you make the mango part of your kitchen repertoire.

Choose: Go ahead, squeeze the mango: Slightly soft to the touch? It’s ready to eat. (Choose firmer fruit if you don’t plan to eat it for a few days.) Color doesn’t matter; ripe mangos can be green, red, orange, pink, yellow or often, a combination thereof.

Store: Ripe mangos should be stored in the refrigerator, where they’ll keep for nearly a week if unpeeled. Once peeled and diced, eat within a day or two, or freeze in an airtight container for up to six months. Unripe mangos should be left at room temperature to ripen fully; to speed up the process, place fruit in a brown paper bag and leave on the counter for a day or two. 

Use: Cutting a fresh mango can be slippery and messy; don’t worry about producing perfectly diced fruit, at least your first few times. Place mango on a dry cutting board and slice off the sides lengthwise. Using the knife tip, score the inside of each side, then turn over and press the skin side so the scored chunks stand away from the skin. Peel away skin with the knife. To finish, remove peel from the center mango section, which contains a large pit. Carefully carve extra flesh from around the pit.

The (nutritional) goods: They’re sweet as candy but a lot better for you; a cup of fresh mango has about 110 calories and provides 25 percent of an adult’s recommended allowance of vitamin A and 80 percent of vitamin C. Could the mango be the next super food? Maybe. This year, Texas A&M researchers said they discovered preliminary evidence that mangos may help fight breast and colon cancer.

Mango Salsa


This simple salsa is great over grilled fish, chicken or shrimp.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Serves 6


2 fresh mangos, peeled and diced

1 small red or yellow bell pepper, diced

1- 2 jalapeños, seeded and diced

1/2 cup red onion, diced

2 Tbs lime juice

1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

Salt and pepper, to taste

Mix all ingredients. 


Nutritional Information:  Calories Per Serving: 55, Fat: 0 g (0 g Saturated Fat), Cholesterol: 10 mg, Sodium: 3 mg, Carbohydrates: 14 g, Fiber: 2 g, Protein: 1 g

© 2010, Brookshire Grocery Co. Nutrient counts are rounded to the nearest whole number. All dietary and lifestyle changes should be supervised by a physician.




Grilled Banana S’mores


Place BANANAS with peel on the grill for 5 minutes on each side or until peel gets dark. Peel BANANA and scoop pulp out in a bowl.

Arrange warm Grilled bananas on graham cracker squares. Place chocolate squares over grilled bananas. Top with another Graham Cracker Square to make a sandwich.


Shop the Sale: Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones

Do you find yourself running into fast food restaurants at lunch? Are you gaining weight and do not know what to do for a healthy lunch? Take a Weight Watcher’s Smart One to work for lunch. Smart Ones are very delicious and all you have to do is microwave.  They have a large variety so they never get boring. You can get pasta, enchiladas, and even desserts. You should stock up on Smart Ones while they are on sale at Brookshire’s.

Healthy Living: Parmesan Zucchini

Instead of using bread crumbs to bread your favorite vegetable or meat, have you tried crushed cereal? If you pick a high fiber cereal to use instead of bread crumbs it enhances the nutritional value of the meal. You can either place the cereal in a food processor to make into crumbs or do it the old fashion way – crush them yourself.

Take a zip top bag and place the cereal of choice in that bag. You can either crush it with your hands or roll a rolling pin over the cereal of few times and voila you have cereal crumbs.  

Parmesan Zucchini
Serves: 6
Prep time: 10 minutes         Cook time: 15 minutes

2 zucchini
1 egg
1/2 cup crushed cereal
1/4 cup parmesan cheese, shredded
1 tsp oregano

Preheat oven to 350°F. Slice the zucchini into 1/2-inch round pieces. In a small bowl, add egg. In a shallow bowl, combine crush cereal, cheese and oregano.  Dip zucchini in egg bowl and then cereal crumb bowl. Place cereal covered zucchini on baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes.

Nutritional Information:  Calories per Serving: 55, Fat: 2g (Saturated Fat 1g), Cholesterol: 35mg, Sodium: 111mg, Carbohydrates: 6g, Fiber: 2g, Protein: 4g. 

© 2010, Brookshire Grocery Co.  Nutrient counts are rounded to the nearest whole number.  All dietary and lifestyle changes should be supervised by a physician

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