New Products

New Brookshire’s Milk
Fresh from OUR dairy:  Milk… good, wholesome nutrition, plain and simple.
That’s what you get every time your family takes home Brookshire’s Milk.

New Brookshire’s Microwave Popcorn
Look at what “popped” up on our shelves – Brookshire’s Microwave Popcorn! Available in four tasty flavors – Original Butter, EXTRA Butter, Kettle Corn, and 94% Fat Free. Brookshire’s Microwave Popcorn is the perfect addition for football season, movie night, after-school snacks, and more.

Pick up a box today! 

Original Butter – the traditional family favorite
Extra Butter – when you’re craving that rich buttery flavor
Kettle Corn – a classic combination of sweet and salty 94% Fat Free – a diet-friendly option with a great butter taste


New Brookshire’s Natural Spring Water and Purified Water!
Refresh yourself with Brookshire’s Purified Drinking Water or Natural Spring Water!

Brookshire’s Purified Drinking Water is purified through microfiltration and reverse osmosis to remove salts and other substances.  An ozone contact system also disinfects our drinking water to deliver a safe, pure, and high quality product. 

Brookshire’s Natural Spring Water is sourced from carefully selected natural springs.  We then use a strict purification process which includes micron filtration and an ozone contact system to disinfect the water. The process makes your water safe, while ensuring that no naturally occurring minerals are removed. So, you still enjoy the tastes and benefits of refreshing natural spring water. 

Brookshire’s believes in responsibly providing refreshing water to our customers.  That’s why we use the Eco-Air Bottle®, which has approximately 30% less plastic!  Less material plus less energy to produce equals better for the environment.  Click here for details.
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