Full Circle Organic Milk

Full Circle organic milk offers freshness, flavor and no artificial ingredients, so that you can give your family the very best. 

At our farms, organic dairying is approached in a sustainable method that focuses on care for the cows and care for the soil. 

The dairy cows exclusively graze on large, certified organic pastures year round. During bad weather times, the cows can take shelter under large open, free-stall barns where they are supplemented with organic grain and alfalfa hay. Each cow is inspected twice every day during milking to be sure that her every need is being met. No artificial hormones are dispensed to our cows. 

As a result of our production methods, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), for the United States Department of Agriculture, has certified our Farm as completely organic. And, we maintain this certification by satisfying or exceeding all organic regulations that are verified during regular TDA inspections. 

Full Circle organic comes in fat-free and whole milk. All-Around Goodness. That’s the Full Circle promise.

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