Premium Frozen Yogurt

Premium Frozen Yogurt

NEW Goldenbrook Farms premium frozen yogurt now available at Brookshire’s!

These delectable treats combine the smooth, creamy decadence of pure ice cream with the good-for-you indulgence of our premium yogurt blended with your choice of fresh fruit and ingredients.

Each pint of frozen yogurt comes in at four servings per container, with the total calories per serving coming in at 110. 20 calories from fat, a total fat of 2g, and total carbohydrate of 21g, all significantly lower than our premium ice cream amounts per serving. Less than 19g of sugar, 4% Vitamin A and 10% Calcium per serving make these frozen yogurts a beneficial source of nutrients as well.

Available in sweet vanilla, luscious strawberry, strawberry banana, honey almond granola and delicious peach flavors.

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