Goldenbrook Farms

Goldenbrook Farms.  Go ahead. Treat yourself. 

Goldenbrook Farms Premium Frozen Yogurt  
These delectable treats combine the smooth, creamy decadence of pure ice cream with the good-for-you indulgence of our premium yogurt blended with your choice of fresh fruit and ingredients. 

Each pint of frozen yogurt comes in at four servings per container, with the total calories per serving coming in at 110. 20 calories from fat, a total fat of 2g, and total carbohydrate of 21g, all significantly lower than our premium ice cream amounts per serving. Less than 19g of sugar, 4% Vitamin A and 10% Calcium per serving make these frozen yogurts a beneficial source of nutrients as well. 

Available in sweet vanilla, luscious strawberry, strawberry banana, honey almond granola and delicious peach flavors.


Goldenbrook Farms Greek-Style Yogurt
INDULGENCE FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES. Try our new Goldenbrook Greek-Style Frozen Yogurt – premium products, nutritious desserts.

Black Cherry Chocolate
Honey Vanilla 

Goldenbrook Farms Supreme Ice Cream
Our supreme ice cream combines the freshest cream with other exceptional ingredients. Then we blend in satisfying nuggets, drizzles and decadent treats. It’s a generous half gallon of pure ice cream satisfaction full of the smooth, creamy goodness that you expect from the very best. 

Supreme Ice Cream Flavors Include:

Chocolate Kona Almond*
Banana Nut Fudge
Black Walnut
Butter Pecan
Praline Pecan
Turtles ‘N Cream 

*indicates seasonal flavor

Goldenbrook Farms Premium Ice Cream
There’s nothing quite like the rich, creamy flavor of Goldenbrook Farms premium ice cream. That’s because we start with farm fresh dairy products then add the perfect blend of flavors, nuts, cookies and fruit.  All delivered in an indulgent half gallon carton of creamy goodness.

Premium Ice Cream Flavors Include:

Birthday Cake
Cherries ‘N Cream
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chip
Cookies ‘N Cream
Homemade Peaches & cream
Homemade Vanilla
Lemon Ice Box *
Milk Chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chip
Red Velvet Cake*
Rocky Road
Vanilla Bean

 *indicates seasonal flavor

Goldenbrook Farms Sherbet 
Our creamy, frozen sherbet is made from exceptional fruits with tantalizing flavor and blended into the perfect, refreshing treat.  Naturally low in fat, our sherbets offer spoonful after spoonful of guilt-free pleasure and the best tasting fresh-juiced flavor anywhere. 

Sherbet flavors include: 

Cherry Limeade Sherbet
Lime Sherbet
Orange Sherbet
Pineapple Sherbet
Rainbow Sherbet
Watermelon Sherbet* 

*indicates seasonal flavor

Goldenbrook Farms Light Flavors
The rich ice cream you’ve loved as a child, now created light! Savor the creamy goodness of farm fresh dairy products blended into a de”light”ful, luscious treat, yet with less fat and calories than our premium ice cream. This decadent taste in light is exactly what you expect from the very best. 

Lighter Flavors Include:

Light Chocolate
Light Homemade Vanilla
Light Vanilla

Goldenbrook Farms No Sugar Added, Reduced Fat Ice cream
One spoonful of our creamy, no-sugar, reduced-fat ice cream, and you’ll swear you’re eating the real thing.  Made from the quality ingredients you’d expect from Goldenbrook Farms, these special flavors are the perfect indulgence for anyone on a diet restricting calories, sugar, or fat. 

No Sugar Added, Reduced Fat Ice Cream Flavors Include:

No Sugar Added, Reduced Fat Chocolate
No Sugar Added, Reduced Fat Vanilla

Goldenbrook Farms Pints
For when you just can’t decide on one. 

Black Walnut
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Homemade Vanilla
Milk Chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chip
Premium Cherries & Cream
Premium Cookies & Cream
Vanilla Cal/Fort No Sugar Added Reduced Fat
Orange Sherbet
Honey Almond Granola Frozen Yogurt
Peach Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt

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