Summer’s Coolest Tastes

Summer's Coolest Tastes

Look for the Brookshire’s name for quality and value for all your refreshing needs this summer.

Brookshire Blast!

Brookshire’s BLAST!
Make your gathering a BLAST with nine fantastic, taste-tested, and approved flavors!  Available in Cola, Diet Cola, Dr. BLAST!, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Strawberry.

Brookshire's Water

Brookshire’s Water
Brookshire’s Purified Drinking Water is purified through microfiltration and reverse osmosis to remove salts and other substances. An ozone contact system also disinfects our drinking water to deliver a safe, pure and high-quality product.

Brookshire’s Natural Spring Water is sourced from carefully selected natural springs. We then use a strict purification process which includes micron filtration and an ozone contact system to disinfect the water. The process makes your water safe, while ensuring that no naturally occurring minerals are removed. So, you still enjoy the tastes and benefits of refreshing natural spring water.

Brookshire's Frozen Novelties

Brookshire’s Frozen Novelties
Twenty-three cool and refreshing varieties to satisfy your taste buds, including ice cream cones, sandwiches, bars, and popsicles.

Try each of our varieties to indulge your cravings, including:

  • Terrific toffee bars and popular popsicles
  • 90-Calorie guilt-free mini ice cream sandwiches
  • All-natural fruit bars made with real fruit.
  • Round-top sundae cones made with higher grade ice cream than leading brands

Brookshire's Frozen Fruit

Brookshire’s Frozen Fruit
Perfect for smoothies, pies, cobbler and dessert toppings, Brookshire’s frozen fruit is harvested at the peak of the season to ensure you get the finest quality fruit available. Each of our fruits is all-natural and flash-frozen in resealable bags within hours of being plucked from the field.

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