Fire It Up

Fire It Up

Look for the Brookshire’s name for quality and value for all your grilling needs this summer.

Brookshire's Charcoal

Brookshire’s Charcoal
Brookshire’s charcoal briquettes are ridged to deliver better air flow that every fire needs.  The result is a flame that starts faster and burns hotter to make your barbecue a sizzling success. Available in original, mesquite, instant light, burn-in-the-bag, and all-natural hardwood lump charcoal.

Brookshire's Flatware

Brookshire’s Flatware
Sturdy, affordable, and fashionable, Brookshire’s designer flatware will add a nice touch to your gatherings. Available in different sizes for your different needs.

Brookshire Blast!

Brookshire’s BLAST!
Make your gathering a BLAST with nine fantastic, taste-tested, and approved flavors!  Available in Cola, Diet Cola, Dr. BLAST!, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Strawberry.

Brookshire's Kettle Chips

Brookshire’s Brand Kettle Chips
Nothing cures the munchies better than Brookshire’s Potato Chips. Whatever your flavor, each handful delivers crisp, finger-lickin’ satisfaction.  So, grab a bag of Brookshire’s Kettle Chips – extra crunchy artisan chips, crafted in small batches.  Now available in Sweet & Spicy BBQ and Cajun Crinkle Cut!

Brookshire's Cheese

Brookshire’s Cheese
There’s a Brookshire’s cheese for any occasion, including some new varieties we’d love for you to try.  We work with the best dairies to bring you the best tasting, highest quality cheese.  In fact, our New York Extra Sharp Cheddar won the World Gold Medal at this year’s World Cheese Championships!

Brookshire's Ketchup

Brookshire’s Ketchup
Want fries with that?  Some meals just aren’t complete unless you’re dipping them in something, like Brookshire’s Ketchup.   Every 20-ounce bottle of Brookshire’s Ketchup is jam-packed with 25 whole tomatoes!

Brookshire's French Fries

Brookshire’s French Fries
Brookshire’s has all your favorite potato treats:  traditional, shoestring, crinkle cut, steak fries, tater treats & crowns, and even seasoned fries and wedges.  Need a little more variety?  Pick up a bag of Brookshire’s onion rings or sweet potato fries.  Just oven brown and serve for a delicious treat your whole family will enjoy. Don’t forget to pick up Brookshire’s ketchup.

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