Brookshire’s Brand

Brookshire's Brand

We take lunch seriously. That’s why we created our own line of delicious deli meats and cheeses – hand-carved to your specifications or already packaged for your convenience. 

Brookshire's Deli Meat

Experience the freshness, experience the taste of Brookshire’s brand deli meats!

Try our delectable line of Brookshire’s brand deli meats:

No MSG, 0g Trans Fat, and Gluten Free!

  • Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast
  • Oven Browned Turkey Breast
  • Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast
  • Roasted Peppercorn Turkey Breast
  • Virginia Brand Ham
  • Black Forest Brand Ham with Natural Juices
  • Off-The-Bone Smoked Ham with Natural Juices
  • Off-The-Bone Honey Ham with Natural Juices
  • Seasoned Oven Roasted Roast Beef – USDA Select Black Angus!
  • Hard Salami – All-Pork, Authentic Italian Recipe

Brookshire's Deli Cheese 

Don’t forget the cheese! Pair your favorite Brookshire’s brand deli meat with a slice of our flavorful Brookshire’s brand deli cheese.

  • Yellow American – Made from a blend of all-natural Cheddar and Colby cheeses
  • Longhorn Colby – A Wisconsin original with a mild flavor similar to cheddar
  • Mild Cheddar – Mild, nutty and creamy flavor made in Wisconsin
  • Colby Jack – Made with all-natural ingredients, a marbled blend of Colby and Monterey Jack
  • Hot Pepper – Blended mix of American, Monterey Jack and Swiss cheeses with jalapeno peppers that delivers a smooth, creamy taste with a bite of heat
  • Muenster – Made by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, a mellow flavor with an aromatic colorful, orange rind
  • Natural Baby Swiss – Award-winning, all-natural cheese made with whole milk, having a mild, buttery and slightly sweet taste
  • Natural Provolone – Produced in Wisconsin with whole milk and all-natural ingredients, similar to mozzarella with a fuller flavor and firmer texture

Brookshire's Lunchmeat

Brookshire’s Deli Sliced Lunchmeat in Re-sealable Containers

– Up to 98% Fat Free!

  • Smoked Ham – 97% Fat Free; Tasty, lean cuts of deli-sliced ham
  • Honey Ham – 97% Fat Free; Low fat premium ham with a touch of sweet honey
  • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast – 98% Fat Free; Tender slices of slow roasted, juicy turkey breast
  • Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast – 98% Fat Free; Premium turkey breast with the smoky flavor of mesquite wood
  • Honey Roasted Turkey Breast – 98% Fat Free; Slow roasted with the taste of sweet honey
  • Rotisserie Flavor Chicken Breast – 97% Fat Free; Tasty chicken breast packed with rotisserie flavor
  • Roast Beef – 96% Fat Free; Tender deli slices of juicy roast beef

Brookshire's Smoked Sausage 

Brookshire’s Smoked Sausage

– Ready to eat. Just heat and serve!

  • Smoked original sausage – Break out the grill for this tasty original
  • Smoked beef sausage – Feed your need for beef
  • Smoked jalapeno & cheese sausage – When you want to spice things up!

Brookshire's Bacon

Brookshire’s Bacon

– Everything tastes better with bacon!

  • Fully cooked bacon – Ready to eat, just pop in the microwave and you’re seconds away from delicious bacon!
  • Original sliced, hickory smoked bacon (16 oz) – A classic addition when you want to make your dishes extra tasty!
  • Thick sliced, hickory smoked bacon (16 – 48 oz) – Just the thing when you’re craving a heartier slice of your favorite food

  Brookshire’s Boneless Ham steaks

  • Premium quality, using natural juices and Hickory smoked
  • Pre-sliced and fully cooked for convenience
  • Gluten free and No MSG
  • 7 hearty slices
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