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At Brookshire’s, our brands provide a wide variety of quality items that will work with your budget, making great options for your family’s needs. From soda to soup and paper products to produce, our brands are consistently high-quality and value-priced. Choose from Top Care over-the-counter remedies for affordable, effective results or PAWS pet products that keep your dog delighted and feline fed. Full Circle products provide great organic options from farm fresh produce to healthy snack alternatives. Valu Time helps stretch your grocery dollars on the essential items, and Goldenbrook Farms deliver award-winning ice cream selections that are sure to satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet. Lastly, we wouldn’t put our name on something if we didn’t stand by it. Brookshire’s brand products are taste-tested and approved by our very own people so that we can take our family home to yours. Our name is our promise to you. We are confident that our exclusive, satisfaction-guaranteed brands will provide you with the great food and shopping experience you expect and deserve.

Brookshire's ValuTime
Brookshire’s ValuTime
Top Care Goldenbrook Farms
Top Care Goldenbrook Farms
PAWS Full Circle
Paws Premium Full Circle
Tasty Bakery World Classics Trading Company
Tasty Bakery World Classics Trading Company
Tippy Toes


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