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BGC celebrates Earth Day

BGC celebrated Earth Day this year by encouraging customers and employees to return plastic bottles to stores and non-retail facilities, and the “Bottles for Trees” promotion brought in 144,346 PET drink bottles at the company’s retail, manufacturing and logistics facilities from April 22-25.

For every 100 #1 PET plastic bottles collected, BGC agreed to donate a tree to the Arbor Day Foundation Reforestation program.

“With this total, our company will fund the planting of 1,443 trees,” said Joe Mac Johnson, Brookshire’s director of environmental services. “The average rate of collection for our stores for PET bottles is typically 5,000 bottles per day. In this promotion we collected more than 36,000 bottles a day. We helped the environment in two ways by recycling the bottles and also planting trees.”

In the promotion customers and employees simply placed the bottles inside a special container located at front of their store or non-retail facility.

“We’re taking lots of steps to be responsible stewards of the resources we’ve been given and this was another fun way to help,” Johnson added.

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