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Inside the Store: NuVal

The NuVal system is going great in our stores. We invite everyone to look at our shelf labels and discover a whole new way to shop for nutrition. The NuVal system is a nutritional scoring system that puts all of the nutritional information and ingredients of an item into a complicated formula and produces a score from 1 to 100. The higher the score the more nutritional value the item has.

I was really surprised at some of the scores from the items I eat on a regular basis.

The great thing about the NuVal system is that it will help you make better buying decisions. You do not have to give up what you eat, but the NuVal system lets you see the best item in the category . I still buy some of the lower scoring items that I really like, but I try to mix in some with higher scores. 

Look at the chips: score on cheetos puffs is 6 while Cape Cod potato chips are 31. You can still eat chips; NuVal just lets you choose the right one for you. 

Blue Diamond almonds will make a great nutritional snack while scoring 81.  Everyone is hunting for a way to snack in a healthier way. Soft drinks score from 1 on regular to 15 on some of the diets drinks. 

Brownies are one of my favorite treats. You can choose from the frosted brownies at a score of 1 to the Walnut brownies with a score of 24. 

When choosing the right rice, some of the rice scores around 8 while brown rice scores 82.  It’s all up to you and what you prefer. 

These are just some of the examples that really stood out. We encourage you to stop by your favorite Brookshire store and really get involved in our NuVal system. Let your family and friends know about your new discovery. We can all enjoy a more nutritional way to shop and eat healthier.

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