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Inside the Store: July

You know that July is here by how you determine the best parking spot. The best parking spot is determined by shade instead of distance. The July heat is in full swing.

Fact about July:

According to the Gregorian calendar, July is the seventh month. On the Roman calendar, it was the fifth month and it was called ‘Quintilis’, meaning ‘fifth’. Julius Caesar gave the month 31 days in 46 B.C. The Roman senate named it ‘Julius’ (July) in honor of Caesar.

During July, when there isn’t much rain, the grass often loses its greenness. Some flowers are abundant in July, because they strive in the heat. Also, insects are abundant as well – life is striving in July!

Be sure and check our floral departments for indoor or outdoor plants to bring beauty and life to your summer. We have staff members that can help you pick out the right plants for you and give you tips on how to take care of the plant you choose. The water lily is the flower for the month of July.

One of the biggest dilemmas in our summer cookout is controlling the insects. The pesky ants and flies being our challenge in making sure we can enjoy our outdoor activities. We suggest treating any area for ants before the cookout and to control the flies and mosquitoes. We offer many varieties to help control the pests in your life.

July is national Hot Dog month and according to the national hot dog and sausage council. Americans will be consuming the infamous little red tubes of “meat” in record numbers this summer.  The council estimates that over seven billion hot dogs will be eaten in America between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The July 4th weekend being the biggest hot dog event of the year.   How do you top off your hot dog? 

My favorite is the Oscar Mayer premium Jalapeño and cheddar frank, topped with Food Club mustard, onions, home grown tomato slices and instead of relish, I use Mt. Olive diced Jalapeno peppers. I use tortillas instead of buns to cut back on the bread. Heat the tortillas up right on the grill and add a slice of cheese, wrap the hot dog and enjoy. My favorite summer time drink with hot dogs is our Red Diamond sweet tea. Great for taking to any picnic and we offer in sugar free, regular and decaf.

Top off your cookout with one of our Goldenbrook ice creams. The flavor of the month is Watermelon.

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